Bonus 2 – Three Beards

Peter Fischaber was our guest for this short segment. Peter will be our official Scripture reader from this point forward, and we welcome him (and his beard) to the Count Joy team! Also conversation about New Zealand and story telling.

Bonus 2 – Three Beards   14 min.

Full Description: In this episode we welcome Peter Fischaber as our official Scripture reader.  Peter is also bearded, like Pastor and Thomas, and beard stories were traded.  After that, Peter regaled us with stories from his semi-recent trip to New Zealand, and he and Pastor talked “Deadliest Warrior” Maori vs. Shaolin monks (actually, Pastor talked about that, Peter talked about how the Maori built canon-proof bunkers against the British and Thomas concludes that therefore the Shaolin victory was rigged).  We also discussed the benefits of storytelling when it comes to conveying practical information.


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