Episode 8 – 1st Peter 4

Completed 1st Peter chapter 4. Inquisition: Pastor talked about contemporary (and general) music themes; Thomas spoke on the use of literature and story themes in apologetics. Finished with groans about our mic check laxity that resulted in semi-botched sound. Sorry!

Episode 8 – 1st Peter 4

We got through the entirety of 1st Peter chapter 4, breaking midway through for our customary “inquisition” (with new segment intro music!).  Thomas asked Pastor why the love songs on the radio seem so one-sided (it’s always the man’s fault when things go bad, seemingly); Pastor asked Thomas a question leading into a discussion on “apologetics for the tender-minded”, which uses the themes common in literature to point towards God’s truth.  We do apologize for the, ah, diminished sound quality in this episode.  Skipping the normal mic check was – in hindsight – not the most well advised course of action, and Murphy’s Law struck again.  I (Thomas) fixed as much as possible in post-production, but we will certainly be resuming normal mic checks in future installments.  Make sure to listen to the end of the podcast for spoilers on where we’ll be going once the general epistles are complete!


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