Episode 10 – 2nd Peter 1:1-1:12

Began 2nd Peter with discussion about certain quirks of the text before getting in for 12 whole verses! Inquisition: Pastor talks about his 3 favorite Luther quotes, while Thomas deals with what he considers the most common mistake in Christian witnessing.

Episode 10 – 2nd Peter 1:1-1:12

Full Description:

Opened up with a conversation about 2nd Peter’s similarities with Jude and the question of what the identity of the false teachers he mentions are.  Got through some dense portion of the text in this episode.  During the inquisition, Pastor was asked for his personal favorite Luther quote, and gave 3 that he likes.  Thomas was asked what the most common mistake made in Christian interactions with unbelievers, and there is discussion on the answer.


“Rudie Can’t Fail” – The Clash
“Casting Lines” – Jack’s Mannequin
The Inquisition Song – Mel Brooks
“Spanish Bombs” – The Clash


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