Yes, we DO do things by halves!

We are going to start putting half versions of our podcast (that is, only one segment) up for those who prefer to take take us in more metered doses.  A word to the wise: they won’t be put up in the regular blog feed, nor will they appear on iTunes, since that would end up crowding things a bit too much.  However, those interested can click on the tab “Half-Time” over on the right hand side of the web page.  From there it’s a simple matter of right-clicking and selecting “download linked file” (or whatever your tech’s equivalent is) to download us; and, of course, you can simply left-click to listen online.

For now, only our latest episode is up, but in time we will try to get previous ones up as well.  And, of course, future episodes will all appear there as they are produced and posted.  Thanks for listening!


What's up yo? :o)

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