A Link to the Post: The Myth of Neutrality

no_neutralityIf you listen to our most recent episode of the podcast (#11), you will hear me addressing the subject of the “Myth of Neutrality”.  What you will also hear is the reason why we normally try and record only one podcast episode per evening – namely the fact that my brain ends up giving me the raspberry and heading home without me sometime during the first segment of our second recording.  As a result, I find my answer during the “Inquisition” to barely be coherent.  But here’s where my self-consciousness means your gain: I’m doing this “Link to the Post” on the Myth of Neutrality, and providing you with some great resources to give you the scoop.

The first is a 49-minute lecture Dr. Greg Bahnsen did on the subject to a group of high-schoolers.  What this means is that the information presented is at a basic enough level for laymen (like myself) to understand; but don’t think for a minute it’s not challenging or worthwhile!

The Lecture

The second is a short article written on the subject by – as luck would have it – an atheist.  He doesn’t us the phrase, but he is very clear in denouncing the false objectivity of the secular left (and non-Christian materialists in general).  A must-read!

The Article


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