Episode 13 – 2nd Peter 3:1-18

We laughed at the over-the-top reaction to the VMA debacle (more over the top than the performance?) and got around to finishing 2nd Peter.  Inquisition: Pastor talked about Lutheran confirmation practices; Thomas reminisced about meeting James White last weekend.

Episode 13 – 2nd Peter 3:1-18

Full Description:

Initially we discussed the way-too-publicised outrage at this past weekend’s VMA awards (and learned from Tom how not to pronounce “lascivious”), then it was back into the text to finish off 2nd Peter.  We talked a bit about the popular idea about heaven and contrasted that with the Christian confession that we will live forever in a new heaven AND a new earth, bodies and all.  During the inquisition Pastor avoided landmines to discuss the Lutheran practice of “confirmation” and Thomas talked about his trip to Pryor, OK to meet James White this past weekend. All done with a studio audience consisting solely of Tom’s fiance.


“Rudie Can’t Fail” – The Clash
“View From Heaven” – Yellowcard
The Inquisition Song – Mel Brooks
“Spanish Bombs” – The Clash


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