Taking it to the next level

As of this weekend, we lowlybros are equipped with a new soundboard app, which we plan to make good use of during future shows.  My expectation is that there will be a testing period to work out the functions and applications of the thing, and that we might see it in use during recording as early as this Tuesday, when our next episode is done.

This means several things.

  • First, that there may be hijinks as we put it into play “live” (so-to-speak), so please forgive the learning curve.
  • Second, there may be hijinks of a different sort into the future as we get creative with the applications of the program.  As to what that might sound like, use your imaginations.  You can bet that we will!
  • Third, we may eventually be able to get to the point where we release the podcasts immediately after recording as this tech will save tons of time in post production as long as it lives up to its potential.  Time will tell, as this is all in the hands of the users… us!

What's up yo? :o)

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