A Link to the Post: Flat Earth Christians and other Myths

flat-earthSecularists (and even some who call themselves Christians) accuse Christian creationism of being scientifically bankrupt and behind the times.  Often, there is an attempt to compare the  belief in creationism to flat-earth ideas, or earth-centered solar system beliefs of the past.  It is asserted that Christians are on the wrong side of scientific history in the area of creationism (rejecting evolution), just as [what is supposed to be] the entire Church historic believed in a flat earth (rejecting a round one) until Columbus proved them wrong.  And so on.

You get the idea.

Anyway, in this Link to the Post I’m putting up several articles from Creation.com on the truth of the history of the Church’s stances on these issues (and it’s not what your secularist neighbors told you!).

So, here is the first bit of each article and the link to it for your edification.


Evolutionists often falsely accuse creationists of believing in a flat Earth. But neither history nor modern scholarship supports the claim that Christians ever widely believed that the Earth was flat. And the Bible doesn’t teach it.

Christianity has often been accused of opposing science and hindering technology throughout history by superstitious ignorance. However, a closer study of historical facts shows that this accusation is ill-founded.

Who Invented the Flat Earth?


Creationists are often accused (by Christians opposed to their view) of making the same mistake as the Roman Catholic Church did at the time of Galileo. Then, the institutional Church insisted that the Bible taught that the sun went around the earth. After it was shown by Galileo that the opposite was true, believers found that they could comfortably accommodate this new fact, without any problem to their belief in the Bible. However, the historical events surrounding Galileo should be a warning to theistic evolutionists and long-agers, not to the Genesis creation movement.

The Galileo Twist


This year is the bicentennial of the birth of Charles Darwin (1809–1882), and it’s no accident that assorted atheists are making sure that everyone knows that. But they have some competition from those wanting to name 2009 as the “International Year of Astronomy”, because it’s the quadricentennial of the first use of the telescope by Galileo Bonaiuti de’ Galilei (1564–1642), usually known by his first name only. Not to be outdone, the atheists have long used Galileo as a story of “science versus religion”. So what are the facts?

Galileo Quadricentinneal


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