Random Update

So I got back into Enid earlier from a weekend in Norman celebrating my brother’s birthday with family, and tonight Pastor and I recorded 1. his sermon from this past weekend that I missed recording from being out of town, and 2. parts A & B of a special (2-part) Reformation episode series.

The sermon will be going up sometime in the next 24 hours as soon as I get it smoothed out in post production (I goofed on the recording – listen in when it’s up for more on that).

And parts A & B of our Reformation special will become available this Wednesday and the following Wednesday, respectively, at our normal times.  This is one to look forward to and listen in to, folks.  Pastor has a lot of things in his noggin, but I think his knowledge of Church History takes up the most space.  He has taught a class on Church History for 9 years at our congregation of Zion Lutheran in Lahoma, Oklahoma, and he knows his stuff.  I myself came away from our back-to-back recording session tonight much enriched by the knowledge he imparted, and I certainly hope our listeners are likewise edified when they hear it.


What's up yo? :o)

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