Hi there!

Pastor Eric Brown and the stalwart nutritionist Thomas Lemke were sitting around one day in sunny Lahoma, OK, and they decided that they should sit down and do a podcast.  There are plenty of Lutheran podcasts – so why another?

1.  Most of the podcasts/radio shows tend to be very topical in nature, very tied to current events, so it seemed like one that was more set up like a bible study was lacking.

2.  Um, it sounded like fun, and if we have fun doing it, that’s great.

So, we started doing one.  We will begin by going through the book of James (because if we can have a good time talking about James, we can have a good time anywhere in the bible).  We will take a bit of time to pause in the middle of the show and discuss some random topics.  Thomas is an excellent Apologist (that is, defender of the faith), so he’ll answer some questions about that, and Pastor Brown digs theology in general, and especially Church history, so he’ll answer that.  And of course, we’d love to respond to your questions, which can be sent to countjoyshow@yahoo.com – so we hope you enjoy!


What's up yo? :o)

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