We’re moving!

Yes, indeed, we’re forsaking our old “.wordpress.com” for our own domain.  Ideally, this means our RSS feed will be localized there and we can quit updating this site and totally transition to that one as of tomorrow.  Please bear with us through any glitches – and feel free to join us at our new site!

God’s blessings during the new year, all.


Well, no Wednesday sermon this week

So the Wednesday sermon audio file got corrupted, and try as I might, there was no saving it.  So unfortunately this means no Wednesday Advent sermon this week, but expect the Sunday one sometime tomorrow.

Pastor’s appearance on KFUO pt. 2

The audio from Pastor Brown’s (re)appearance from this morning on the St. Louis radio station KFUO is now available for listen and download at this address.

You’ll want to click on the tab “BIBLICAL TEXT STUDY” under “His Time Morning Show” on the left hand side of the page.  He also did the Matins Sermonette, found just under that, as well.

No sermon today.

We had a guest preacher today as Pastor Brown is out of town on vacation, and there were other demands on my time that made recording not a possibility.  We will have more for ya’ll in the coming days, but for this week no sermon.